After 3 years of helping with each other’s musical projects, the first lockdown inspired Marley and Dušan to write an EP together. In strange times, they wanted to create something calming, positive and still fresh, that can distract their minds. The result is a collaborative EP called Wildflower that the two produced all by themselves. The first single “Wildflower”, which will be released in August 2021, describes the story of their relationship with symbols from nature: falling in love, struggles like idealisation, jealousy and ego, and the decision to make things work.

The following EP is full of tales about love, our environment and personal issues.


Dušan Marko is a versatile musician from Slovakia and has been part of many musical projects within and outside of Czech republic, such as Support Lesbiens since 2017 and in the Michael Jackson Symphony Orchestra. Dušan released his first solo album in 2019 called “Giving me life”. He plays guitar, piano, cajon and all kinds of percussion.


Marley is a singer-songwriter from Austria based in Prague. In the last years she has made a name with her project Marley Wildthing, which released an EP called “Cube”and 3 singles with music videos. She mostly plays ukulele, bass and some exotic instruments like bouzouki and cavaquinho.